Parent Involvement Programme

Parent Involvement is an integral component in a student’s academic, emotional, social and school experience. With strong parent support in the school’s holistic activities; we are assured that our goal of quality education and a nurturing environment for every child in Rosyth is made possible.

What is PIP?

It is an organisation of dedicated and energetic parents who volunteer their time
and effort collectively, to assist, coordinate and run school activities.

What are some of PIP Activities?

The following are PIP activities in 2023/2024 :

  • Happy Minds Healthy Heart
  • Racial Harmony Day
  • Amazing Science
  • P2 Math Treasure Hunt
  • Mental Wellness Week
  • P1 Orientations
  • National Day Quilling collage
  • Care Carnival
  • Mathematics Escape room
  • Reading program
  • MakerSpace
Is there much work involved?

No. It will not alter your lifestlye or take up a lot of your time. Given the various
activities, there is always a task that will best fit your time and interests.

How do i register as a volunteer?

To register as a PIP volunteer, please fill up the form here>

We can also be reached at

Do I need to be a PSG Member to register as PIP?

The answer is NO. We value the time that you as a non-member are willing to contribute.

But as a PSG member, you will get to enjoy various privileges such as discounts on school bags & shoes by our selected vendors. You can also enjoy subsidised rates when registering for our holiday programme and many other benefits.

We strongly encourage parents to be a part of our exciting team and be involved in the activities, organized or coordinated by PIP.
May we have a mutually enriching partnership!